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35 Types of Drinkers: Where Do You Fall on The Alcohol Spectrum?

Whether you drink at pool parties or during night outs with friends—it’s helpful to know what category of drinkers you fall into. In this article, we’ll explore 35 different types of drinkers. We’ll also discuss the definition behind each one and look at some questions you can ask yourself to identify which type of drinker you are.

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Do You Know Why You Drink? Here’s How to Identify Your Triggers

A bad day at work, a fight with your partner, or just the monotony of everyday life can all lead us to drink — maybe without even thinking about it.  We live in a world where grabbing a drink is the norm for socializing, celebrating, or coping with stress. So changing these habits, especially if they’re unconscious, doesn’t come easy. With some self-reflection, though, you can identify your drinking triggers and learn strategies to overcome them.

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How to Communicate Your Mindful Drinking Choices with Friends

If your social life revolves around alcohol, you might find it a bit hard to become more mindful of your drinking — especially if your friends aren’t on board. 

Maybe you’re used to having after-work drinks or spending Saturday nights out at a bar with friends, drinking the night away. Changing that dynamic and speaking up might feel scary. But luckily, you don’t have to isolate yourself to drink less. Mindful drinking takes time, patience, and communication (and maybe trying a few new social activities, too).

dryish january tips

31 Days of Mindful Activities to Do During Dry(ish) January

Based on research, a month off alcohol can lead to higher energy levels, more financial savings, and noticeable improvements in hair and skin. Participants of this challenge also experienced a reduction in blood pressure, glucose levels, weight, and liver fat, as well as increased focus and sleep quality.

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