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Five orange stars

"Helps me to be mindful of when and how much I drink."

Sunnyside helps me to be mindful of when and how much I drink. I used to find myself pouring myself a glass of wine when I got home from work without thinking about it. Now with consistent dry days I'm getting better sleep, and staying mindful of what I put in my body. It’s also not super restrictive so if I am craving a glass of wine with dinner, I just track it and move on with my week.


Five orange stars

"The free trial really sold me."

So far I have reduced my alcohol consumption a lot just by following the recommended plan. The free trial really sold me after I saw a few weeks of data and the benefits of the reduction. I would recommend this app to anyone who wants to improve overall alcohol consumption.


Five orange stars

"Completely changed my relationship with alcohol."

This program has completely changed my relationship with alcohol. I had been using alcohol as an escape from life and it had become a slippery slope. As a health and fitness coach myself, I knew what a HUGE factor accountability can be in positive change. Starting with Sunnyside made me hold myself accountable at another level in my life. The coaches are available within minutes of any spontaneous text message I send. It’s truly a wonderful app and will help you slowly but surely change your relationship with alcohol.


Five orange stars

"At first I was skeptical that this app would do anything for me."

Sunnyside has made such a positive difference for me in a very short period of time. I was stuck in a rut of drinking a few drinks every day after work and on weekends. I did not want to stop completely, but the habit was so cemented it was really hard to make a change. Sunnyside has helped me turn this pattern completely around. In a few weeks, I have stopped drinking daily, and I’ve reduced my consumption on the days I do drink. My “dry days” are easy and enjoyable, and I sometimes drink fewer drinks than my weekly target. At first I was skeptical that this app would do anything for me - especially due to the format with no downloadable app platform just texting. But honestly, this text-based system has made it so simple and effortless to stay on track. Now it’s just part of my daily routine which lets me be more mindful about drinking without any significant time commitment. Highly recommend!


Five orange stars

"I cannot believe it actually worked."

I've been trying to cut back on my drinking for years and this is the only way I've actually done it. I'm so extremely happy with just the mindfulness that it has provided me. It's not judgy. It doesn't make you quit immediately. It is just a way to cut back and be mindful of your drinking and I really appreciate it. It's honestly transformed my life.


Five orange stars

"These guys are not trying to change you, just your drinking habits."

When I first started I was a bit leery about the whole thing. I am 70 years old and retired and didn’t think that I needed someone to tell me how much to drink. So I took the 15 day free trial and found out that it really helped me control my drinking. These guys are not trying to change you, just your drinking habits, which has help me a lot. Sometimes I would drink just to drink and that came to a stop. I still do what I want to do, I'm just doing it differently and it really working well for me.


Five orange stars

"Sick of feeling like garbage? This will help!"

I’ve cut my drinking down by at least a third and have been able to consistently drink less for the last three months. I’ve been sleeping better, my skin looks better, and I have more energy. I feel so much better, even with this seemingly small change. No more Sunday scaries. No more waking up feeling like garbage. I still enjoy a couple drinks here and there- but I’m much more mindful about when and how much I consume. So happy!


Five orange stars

"It does a great job with attainable goals and reasonable expectations."

Sunnyside has been so helpful in mindfulness surrounding alcohol consumption! It has been so easy to use and holds you accountable without ever making you feel guilty if you get off track. It does a great job with attainable goals and reasonable expectations. For the same reason that meal planning helps people make healthy eating options, making your weekly Sunnyside drinking schedule helps you avoid making unhealthy decisions but allows you to enjoy when you want to. I highly recommend to anyone who is wanting to decrease (but not completely stop!) their alcohol consumption.


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