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Five orange stars

"Sunnyside works! Tracking, Community, Coaching, Progress!!!"

I can't recommend Sunnyside enough for anyone who is trying to get a handle on their alcohol consumption! I knew I needed to reign it in but didn't want to give it up completely. I enjoy an occasional drink with dinner and in some social situations. Sunnyside helps you schedule in dry days where you are alcohol free and then calculate what you want for consumption goals the other days. There is a community journaling page where everyone responds to the daily prompts and it's very supportive and key to my progress. Reading what everyone else is going through and how they are handling achieving their daily goals really helps me. I'm not alone. We all support each other. COACHING is also very important to me and I highly recommend this feature. The cost is a little extra but it's worth it. Coaches check in daily and are very responsive to questions and needed support. I love it! I cannot thank Sunnyside enough for the progress I've made. I will never go back to being "that person" I was again. I've cut my consumption down significantly and am far healthier, happier and WISER than before.

pheath94 (Real Sunnyside customer)

Five orange stars

"Helpful to Form New Routines"

If I'm honest, I enjoy drinking and it's part of my life. But coming out of COVID, I was drinking plenty and it wasn't very intentional. That's the word that mattered to me. I wanted to be more intentional about drinking as opposed to just drinking without thought. Sunnyside has helped me to do that. It introduces a consistent daily routine of intention by helping you to plan your intended drinking for the week and then tracking it daily. Just that repetitive pattern of intention has made a huge difference. Yes I've had a lot less to drink in the last month which is great. But, more importantly, I am back to being intentional. Making active choices as opposed to just being reactive to situations. If I go over an intended drink count on a given day, I am very aware of it and do it very intentionally. And I don't feel bad about it as long as it's intentional! I've only had one day since using Sunnyside where I had more than I intended. I was bummed but the rest of the month has gone great so I am celebrating that! The value is in the routine. Automated messages come regular from coaches too and if you reply, they actually reply in real time which is great. Overall I think this is a great concept and has been well executed.

PerryChick (Real Sunnyside Customer)

Five orange stars

"Wow... it works"

I have struggled for a very long time with once I start I can't stop.. very cliche but so true.. some thing in my brain takes over.. I would never let it effect my everyday life though.. my motto was 'no pain no gain'. Get up from a night of drinking mostly wine and go out and run 8 miles. The whole time I was running I would think why can't I control myself like everyone else. This was my daily discussion in my head until the day I was watching a tick tock and some women talked about Sunnyside really working without having to fully give up alcohol. I have tried it all like every fad diet. But this one seemed different or maybe be this time I was just ready to finally make a change and for good.. so signed up..pretty simple.. track you drinks.. but with that I also read about helpful hints.. changing your thinking so many things… 1month in I am in control.. 54 years it has taken me.. the coaches who reach out are there if needed and the comments people write are uplifting and you realize you can control of your actions… I am not saying I am perfect but I am managing and think before I grab another bottle of wine.. today I thank Sunnyside.. I am really happy and appreciative.

melmmrun (Real Sunnyside Customer)

Five orange stars

"Exceeded expectations"

When I found this app, I wasn't sure what to exit t. At first it seemed annoying with the texts reminding me to be mindful and encouraging me to set goals. Then I realized I liked that and it was working to help me stop and/or cut way back. The support and explanations of why we often drink without thinking about it is awesome. This is not just stop drinking idiot. This is learning why we do it in the first place, and assessing it that's good. The community where you can share your progress and read other people's posts is really helpful. I post almost everyday. I can't believe how much better I feel on my 14th day dry. I didn't really acknowledge how much I was drinking before I started this, I just knew it was too much. Now I'm accountable and that has kept me on track.

Funitis (Real Sunnyside Customer)

Five orange stars

"Better than the rest"

UPDATE: I've now been using this app for a month…I have cut down my drinking significantly…maybe 2-3 drinks all week! This app is so great for many reasons. I highly recommend it for the SMS (text message) reminders so you stick to tracking. Completely worth the investment - I'm already feeling healthier AND it's paid for itself in what I've saved by not drinking - and then some! ORIGINAL REVIEW: I used a more different app and this one is much better for several reasons. #1, the notifications to track make it super easy and helpful. The other app I was using had a lot of daily expectations - reading and such - whereas this one has a more realistic approach AND it sets up a plan for the next week to realistically reduce intake by a percentage from the last week. The other app, you had to set them yourself. I'm only on the first week of using this but I love it so far and will def do the annual subscription roughly $8 per month. So worth it

Suzette32 (Real Sunnyside Customer)

Five orange stars

"Keeping you accountable"

I have always had a difficult time being consistent with goals. The gym, eating right, taking multivitamins, you name it. My alcohol consumption was consuming my after work home life, and I was really feeling the effect from it. The sleepless, tossing turning, night sweats nights the anxiety and depression etc. Sunnyside was and is my saving grace. I've been able to be consistent and maintain it for the past month. I'm hopeful for the this next month to continue this streak. They are personable, if you're craving a drink they don't put you down for it instead they talk to you and recommend things you can do to a) keep you busy, b) suggest having a cocktail or whatever. The support system is amazing too. You fill out daily prompts and you can respond to others as a support community. Sunnyside has saved my relationship with alcohol and has allowed me to become more mindful in my drinking habits. I've shed a few pounds on the way too because I've been able to track my drinks. Striving for another dryish month!

Merp2121 (Real Sunnyside Customer)

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