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Do You Know Why You Drink? Here’s How to Identify Your Triggers

A bad day at work, a fight with your partner, or just the monotony of everyday life can all lead us to drink — maybe without even thinking about it.  We live in a world where grabbing a drink is the norm for socializing, celebrating, or coping with stress. So changing these habits, especially if they’re unconscious, doesn’t come easy. With some self-reflection, though, you can identify your drinking triggers and learn strategies to overcome them.

How to Speak to Yourself Compassionately When You “Slip Up” with Drinking

Experts say that if you want to develop healthier habits and improve your life, you should be kinder to yourself. But, how exactly do you do that? If all you know is self-criticism, a kind inner voice isn’t going to pop up out of nowhere. 

But changing how you speak to yourself can completely change how you respond to difficult situations and move forward.

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What Happens When You Mix Antidepressants With Alcohol?

If you’re one of the more than 30 million Americans taking antidepressants, you might be wondering if a drink now and then is a problem. After all, alcohol is famous for numbing emotions and it’s everywhere you look, making it hard to say no. But is it safe to mix antidepressants with even one drink of alcohol?

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20+ Questions Answered About Mixing ADHD And Alcohol

It’s not easy to cut back or stop drinking alcohol for people with mental health conditions. But with ADHD, it gets even harder. Currently, anywhere from 140 to 366 million adults worldwide are managing ADHD. And this neurodevelopmental disorder often comes with symptoms like inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity — behaviors that alcohol also affects.

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