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Mindful drinking is about getting the most out of life.

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What we stand for

Some people think that cutting back on drinking is all about having less. But at Sunnyside, we’re all about having more. More rested mornings, more days when you’re feeling your absolute best, more energy and positivity. We’re not here to say “don’t go out” or “never drink”. We’re here to help you to enjoy your life AND wake up ready to shine your brightest.

A proactive investment for anyone who drinks

We can all benefit from being mindful and intentional about our drinking.

Mindfulness and balance, not “all or nothing”

Unlike a lot of services out there, we’re focused on helping build healthy habits with no pressure to cut your drinking down to zero.

Friendly, approachable and judgment free

We support you 100% with positivity and encouragement on your journey, through any ups and downs.

Life happens, so we’re flexible

You’re the boss. We always allow you to adjust your weekly plans to match your lifestyle or needs.

A solution that fits into your unique lifestyle

Sunnyside adapts to your starting point, goals and progress, and adjusts your plan accordingly.

Respectful of your privacy, always

Sunnyside is a secure platform. The information you share is always confidential. Read more about our approach to privacy and security.

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The Science

Sunnyside helps you reach your goals—and stick with them long term—by focusing on three key, scientifically-proven superpowers:

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Each week you set an intention for the week ahead that includes a tracking goal, a drink goal, and possibly a dry day goal.

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Conscious Interference

Next you'll learn the habit of tracking each drink as soon as you finish it, which creates a mindful pause before you start the next one.

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We know this is a big step that can be tough at times. That's why we offer coaching through SMS and email to give you support, advice, and motivation.

“We started this company because we believe there's power in finding balance. Science tells us that becoming aware of our habits, and having a partner who can nudge us in the right direction, can make a huge difference.”

Nick & Ian

Sunnyside Founders

Read Nick's Story
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In the News

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Excessive Drinking Rose During the Pandemic. Here Are Ways to Cut Back.

April 14, 2021

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10 Tips to Day Drink Mindfully This Summer

Meet Our Team

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Nick Allen

CEO & Founder

Employee Headshot

Ian Andersen

Co-Founder & CGO

Employee Headshot

Cairo Amani

Head of Customer Experience

Employee Headshot

Gabriel Lupu

Software Engineer

Employee Headshot

Hudson Lim

Software Engineer

Employee Headshot

Ashleigh Cooley

Customer Experience Manager

Employee Headshot

Quinn Bond

Software Engineer

Employee Headshot

Octavian Marian

Software Engineer

Employee Headshot

Hannah White

Customer Experience Manager

Employee Headshot

Abby Mathews

Senior Product Manager

Employee Headshot

Nadya Khoja

Head of Content Strategy

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Michelle Jackson

Customer Experience Manager


Advisor Headshot

Dr. Hrishikesh Belani

Associate Medical director of the South Los Angeles Health Center Group

Advisor Headshot

Kate Bonham

MS, LPCC, LADC - Mental Health and Chemical Health Specialist

Advisor Headshot

Adrian James

Co-Founder at Omada Health

Advisor Headshot

Lynda Deakin

Partner at IDEO

Advisor Headshot

Nir Eyal

Author of Hooked and Indistractable

Advisor Headshot

Stephanie Palmeri

Advisor, Investor, and former Partner at Uncork Capital

Advisor Headshot

Adi Jaffe

CEO of IGNTD and Author of The Abstinence Myth

Advisor Headshot

Dan Bomze

Advisor, Investor, Founder of MileIQ

Advisor Headshot

James Park

Founder, FitBit

Advisor Headshot

Mike Lee

Founder, MyFitnessPal

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