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10 Effects of a Dry(ish) January: A Week-by-Week Guide on What Happens to Your Body

Dry(ish) January is a popular reset option. Whether you choose to go sober or reduce your alcohol intake, expect both options to affect your body. 

Fortunately, we have a good idea of how your body will react. We’ve tracked the progress, benefits, and outcomes of the more than 25,000 people who signed up for our 2023 Dry(ish) January challenge. Some participants chose to go completely dry for the month, while others cut back and designated dry days for each week.

no and low dry january drinnks

80+ No and Low Alcohol Drinks to Get You Through Dry January

Whether you opt for a Dry or Dry(ish) January, you may encounter strong urges or cravings to drink alcohol. You might have the willpower to surf the urge out until it subsides, but this can prove to be difficult and frustrating. 

The good news is that there are plenty of non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages that mimic the taste and flavors of their alcoholic counterparts.

brewdog and sunnyside

Sunnyside and BrewDog Team up for Dry(ish) January

Inspired by Sunnyside’s unique approach to mindful drinking, BrewDog USA saw it fit to collaborate with the team and create a drink that anyone can enjoy without straying from their healthier drinking goals. The Bright AF Brew will be 20 calories and 2.3g carbs per can, an industry low for nonalcoholic beers.

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Dry January Date Ideas: Spark Romance without Alcohol

Dry January is here! For many, this month marks a fresh start and an opportunity to reassess lifestyle choices, including the decision to ditch alcohol for a month. But let’s face it; dating without alcohol can feel … different. So, how can couples enjoy date nights without the buzz of alcohol? Let’s dive in.

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