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35 Types of Drinkers: Where Do You Fall on The Alcohol Spectrum?

Whether you drink at pool parties or during night outs with friends—it’s helpful to know what category of drinkers you fall into. In this article, we’ll explore 35 different types of drinkers. We’ll also discuss the definition behind each one and look at some questions you can ask yourself to identify which type of drinker you are.

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31 Days of Mindful Activities to Do During Dry(ish) January

Based on research, a month off alcohol can lead to higher energy levels, more financial savings, and noticeable improvements in hair and skin. Participants of this challenge also experienced a reduction in blood pressure, glucose levels, weight, and liver fat, as well as increased focus and sleep quality.

11 Health Benefits of a 30-Day No Alcohol Reset Challenge

According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, even a short break from alcohol can have significant health benefits.

Join this month’s 30-day alcohol challenge and give your body the health kickstart it deserves! Read on to learn all the benefits that Sunnyside’s Alcohol Reset Challenge can offer you.

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