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Announcing our app, member community, and Dry(ish) January challenge

As 2022 comes to an end, we couldn’t be more thrilled to share the latest updates we’ve made to the Sunnyside experience that tens of thousands of members have already grown to love.

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[Study] The Impact of Recent Events on Alcohol Consumption & How to Cope

Stress levels as well as other triggers to drink more are abundant. From the repeal of Roe. V Wade, to an increase in mass shootings such as Uvalde and Highland Park, it can seem like the only option is to reach for the bottle and drown out the devastating noise. As a company whose mission is to help anyone who drinks alcohol build healthier habits and ensure they’re focusing on their well-being, we wanted to more deeply understand how some of these recent events have been impacting alcohol consumption, as well as gain insights through personal reflections.

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24 Statistics about Drinking Alcohol that You Should Know for 2022

Mindful Drinking is quickly becoming a global trend that many individuals are adapting to. More and more people are understanding the larger health benefits of being more conscious about their drinking habits. At Sunnyside, we surveyed 500 of our members to learn more about their drinking habits, and to understand how drinking habits differ across a range of demographic factors in the United States.

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Alcohol Consumption is Up, But So is Interest in Mindful Drinking

We recently partnered with Ipsos to survey U.S. adults about their drinking habits and plans. Our objective with Sunnyside's first-ever State of Drinking in the US report is to shed light on evolving American drinking trends and to also understand how the growing mindful drinking movement might influence these trends.

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Sunnyside + Ipsos Release Nationwide Survey, “The State of Drinking in the US”

The State of Drinking In The US, a joint survey conducted by mindful drinking program Sunnyside (formerly Cutback Coach) and global market research firm Ipsos, finds that half of Americans claimed to have made an effort to drink less over the last three months, but only 20% reported an actual reduction in alcohol intake. In fact, 1 in 4 Americans report drinking more now than they were three months ago.

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Cutback Coach (now Sunnyside), a program to help us build healthier drinking habits in 2021, raises $3.1M seed from leading venture firms

Cutback Coach (now Sunnyside), a new program focused on helping the 70% of US adults who regularly drink build healthier habits around alcohol consumption, has raised $3.1 million in Seed funding.

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Cutback Coach (now called Sunnyside) launches to help build healthier habits around alcohol consumption

Sunnyside Co-Founders Nick Allen and Ian Andersen announced the nationwide launch of their proactive alcohol health platform, with the goal of helping anyone who regularly drinks alcohol build more mindful drinking habits

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