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Mindful Drinking 101: How to Prioritize Your Health and Still Enjoy Drinking

Mindful drinking is more than an idea. It’s a movement. A community growing larger by the day. Put simply, it’s all about thinking while drinking. Mindful drinking is not about quitting alcohol but instead being aware of how much alcohol you’re drinking and its impact on you in the moment.

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8 Actionable Tips for Cutting Back on Alcohol [Infographic]

So you’re thinking it might be time to start cutting back on alcohol? Maybe you’re not quite ready to stop drinking cold turkey, or consider going sober forever. You might just be feeling a little bit “sober curious”, or you’ve stumbled across the phrase “mindful drinking” a handful of times and thought you might give it a try. The point being, you’ve definitely come to the right place to learn how to drink less alcohol.

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[Study] The Impact of Recent Events on Alcohol Consumption & How to Cope

Stress levels as well as other triggers to drink more are abundant. From the repeal of Roe. V Wade, to an increase in mass shootings such as Uvalde and Highland Park, it can seem like the only option is to reach for the bottle and drown out the devastating noise. As a company whose mission is to help anyone who drinks alcohol build healthier habits and ensure they’re focusing on their well-being, we wanted to more deeply understand how some of these recent events have been impacting alcohol consumption, as well as gain insights through personal reflections.

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Can’t stop drinking once you start? It’s likely a habit you can break.

Have you ever experienced the recurring cycle of trying to stop drinking once you’ve started? You pour yourself a glass of wine, and tell yourself you’ll stop after just one. You take a seat on the couch, turn the TV on, and the next thing you know you’re polishing off your third glass. When we aren’t being mindful about our alcohol consumption, it’s easy to fall victim to our own subconscious habits.

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The Ultimate 4th of July Mindful Drinking Guide

Did you know that the Fourth of July (aka Independence Day in the United States) is one of the heaviest drinking holidays of the year? According to the NBWA, it’s a milestone for beer distributors who deliver double the beer of a typical week, and it’s a common holiday for increased binge drinking.

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The Periodic Table of Booze: How Many Calories are in Alcoholic Drinks?

We're always talking about the calories we eat. But the calories you drink, swig, and slurp matter as well.

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31 Questions Answered That Will Help You Understand Your Relationship With Alcohol

Consider this guide your resource for all your alcohol consumption questions. Go ahead and bookmark this page, since it will be updated on a frequent basis with new questions and information around alcohol health.

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Amazake: The Japanese Non Alcoholic Super Drink

I had many Asian American friends whose body turned as red as a tomato after just a few drinks. Or Asian American friends who would take one shot and immediately feel drunk. Despite all of these signs that alcohol wasn’t right for them, the social pressures were oftentimes too high to overcome.

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24 Statistics about Drinking Alcohol that You Should Know for 2022

Mindful Drinking is quickly becoming a global trend that many individuals are adapting to. More and more people are understanding the larger health benefits of being more conscious about their drinking habits. At Sunnyside, we surveyed 500 of our members to learn more about their drinking habits, and to understand how drinking habits differ across a range of demographic factors in the United States.

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Drinking Excessively? Here's How to Gain Control Over Binge Drinking.

Research into the drinking patterns of adults suggests more than 26% of Americans over age 18 engaged in binge drinking in the last 30 days. Although common, frequent binge drinking can lead to health challenges. One of the most common alcohol-related problems that affect people of all ages is binge drinking. Read this guide to learn more how you can cut back on your bingeing.

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6 Ways Mindful Drinking Can Help You Maintain a Healthy Liver

Mindful drinking isn’t just about getting more cash in the bank or having fewer hangover headaches. It creates a domino effect that influences every area of your life. Your liver works the same way, where the smallest habit changes add up and create better overall health, both physically and mentally.

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10 Nutrition Coaches Share Their Tips For Staying Healthy Without Giving Up Alcohol

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean living a lifestyle of abstinence. But it also doesn’t mean living a life of excess either. Finding the right balance can be difficult, and building the right habits around how you consume alcohol while also building better nutrition, fitness and mindfulness habits will only improve your journey to a more satisfying life. We spoke to some Precision Nutrition Coaches to learn what their top tips were for staying healthy, without having to give up alcohol entirely.

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