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Everything you Need to Know About Alcohol Awareness in 2023

What does your relationship with alcohol look like? We'll look into the role alcohol awareness plays in our day-to-day life and explore the different ways you can wield it as a powerful tool to build healthier and more mindful drinking practices.

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11 Health Benefits of a 30-Day No Alcohol Reset Challenge

In this blog post, we'll explore the importance of taking a break from alcohol consumption and the numerous benefits it can have on your physical and mental health, as well as your social and financial life.

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Overwhelmed? Here’s How to Stop Stress Drinking Too Much Alcohol

If you’re not sure whether you’re drinking to cope with stress, read on to learn the signs and ways you can relieve stress without reaching for a drink, and also how alcohol is contributing to your stress levels.

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Pros and Cons: How Alcohol Impacts your Mental Health

Alcohol use and weekend hang-outs are a pairing that probably wouldn’t surprise you. In fact over 60% of the alcohol we drink takes place on the weekend. We all want to get together with friends, relax, and enjoy a night out after a long week.. And there can be great benefits in that — spending time with loved ones and having fun is healthy, after all. But what happens when one drink turns to four, or more? Does alcohol still benefit your mental health?

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4 Mindful Borg Recipes to Try This Spring Break

With Spring Break just around the corner, it’s no doubt that borgs (Black Out Rage Gallons) will be all the…rage, pun intended. But let’s face it, sometimes you need a little bit more complexity and flavor in your drinks. In this post, I’ll share some borg recipe variations that are both flavorful and more importantly, mindful.

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10 Simple Hacks to Reducing Alcohol Intake for a Better Night's Sleep

Is your nighttime routine intertwined with a little alcohol? While alcohol may indeed help you fall asleep better, drinking alcohol too late in the day can have an overall negative impact on your sleep quality. In fact, it may be the reason you tend to wake up groggy and sluggish in the morning.

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5 Ways Alcohol Impacts Your Fitness Goals

You want to feel stronger, build more muscle, and seriously raise your energy levels — but it doesn’t seem to be happening. You might already work out regularly and you’re still not seeing the results you expected. What’s getting in the way of reaping those max gains from your precious time spent working out? Read on for tips to help you workout more and to boost your motivation.

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Mindful Drinking 101: How to Prioritize Your Health and Still Enjoy Drinking

Mindful drinking is more than an idea. It’s a movement. A community growing larger by the day. Put simply, it’s all about thinking while drinking. Mindful drinking is not about quitting alcohol but instead being aware of how much alcohol you’re drinking and its impact on you in the moment.

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6 Tips for Avoiding A Saint Patrick's Day Hangover in 2023

Music, dancing, feasts, parades, and loads of booze—one of America's most well-loved celebrations should come to mind. St. Patrick's Day is celebrated by over half of Americans and typically involves downing generous amounts of green Irish drinks, beers, and cocktails.

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Got Brain Fog? Here's How Alcohol Affects Your Dopamine and Reward System.

You want to go to the gym more, eat less junk food, and try to cut back on the evening wine, but something keeps stopping you. What keeps getting in the way? Why is it so ridiculously hard to change old habits and live healthier? Turns out, you can (partially) blame dopamine.

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26 Best Online Communities to Help You Drink Less Alcohol

Seeking support and accountability in a community is a fantastic way to propel your mindful drinking journey forward. After all, these communities and support groups provide a space for individuals to build meaningful connections, exchange advice, and grow alongside people who share similar experiences, struggles, and goals.

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What is a Damp Lifestyle and is it Right for You? Here's Everything You Need to Know.

New buzzwords around alcohol consumption choices are popping up every day. In this article we will review what a damp lifestyle is, and how it compares to movements like mindful drinking and sober curiousity.

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