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Dry January: Everything You Need to Know for a Successful Month

If you haven’t participated in Dry January, you likely know someone who has or soon will. What is Dry January? It’s a simple concept: No alcohol for one whole month. In many ways it’s a nice respite from the frequently boozy holidays, and a way to jump-start your New Year health and wellness goals. It’s also gaining in popularity.

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The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding and Overcoming Hangovers

You had a bit too much last night, and now, you're nursing a splitting headache. A hangover is inarguably a drinker's worst enemy. And while it is one of the most common outcomes of drinking alcohol, this topic remains shrouded in a vast amount of misinformation.

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How Does Alcohol Impact Women's Libido?

It’s a widely held belief that drinking alcohol increases sexual desire, arousal, and pleasure. In many studies, over 60% of women said alcohol enhanced their enjoyment of sex. Interestingly, while subjectively women believe this to be true, alcohol actually lowers physiological arousal.

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6 Ways Alcohol Impacts Women’s Hormones (And How Mindful Drinking Can Help)

Understanding exactly how alcohol alters your hormones and quality of life will help you gain a better perspective of how it affects you on a day-to-day basis. This can go a long way to help you change your habits by growing your desire to drink mindfully.

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13 Of The Best Non-Alcoholic & Low-Alcohol Alternatives For The Mindful Drinker

If you want to drink less alcohol, prevent dreaded hangovers, cut back on calories, or improve your wellness, these beverages may just be what you need. They contain much less (if any) alcohol than your regular tipples, allowing you to reduce your alcohol intake without stifling the fun.

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7 Celebrities Who Practice Mindful Drinking

Clinking champagne glasses through the night seems only natural when you've just topped the music charts or released a blockbuster movie. And with the massive stress that comes with performing in front of thousands, why not down a bottle of red wine on post-concert nights?

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Alcohol and Aging: 9 Things Every Woman Needs to Know

We usually think about how alcohol will affect us when we wake up the next morning. Sometimes it’s puffy skin, dark under eye circles, or more often than not, a headache. But what about the long term effects that creep up more slowly, like brown spots after too many summers in the sun? The signs of premature aging pop up whenever we put our bodies in unhealthy situations for too long, and that includes drinking more than our bodies can handle.

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How Mindful Drinking Can Improve Your Productivity And Decision-Making

Have you ever gone to work with a pounding headache, regretting the previous night's drink galore? Perhaps, your drinking habits usually land you in a tough spot, but you aren't ready to give up the magic of barley and hops just yet. Well, here's some good news for you. You don't have to give up drinking to build a healthier relationship with alcohol and improve your productivity

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6 Ways Alcohol Impacts Women’s Health And How to Stay Mindful

In a recent video interview with Dr. Hrishikesh Belani and Dr. Karina Celaya, we discussed the various ways alcohol impacts women’s health, and why drinking alcohol mindfully is crucial to living a healthy and empowering lifestyle.

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15 Signs Your Body Is Telling You You're Drinking Too Much

A hangover isn't the only sign your body is saying, "Hey, take it easy with the alcohol!" For some of us, half a dozen drinks during a night out aren't yet enough to faze us. And yes, you may feel great and energized upon waking up—but that doesn't mean you didn't have too much to drink the night before. In this guide, we'll explore 15 short and long-term signs that you're drinking too much, including symptoms that don't necessarily involve a hangover.

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Are you a wine mom? Here’s how to find the mindful mix between alcohol and parenting

Do moms really need wine to get through the day? Mommy wine culture says so, but there are repercussions to consider. A mom's life is demanding and exhausting. We work endlessly to support our families with everything they desire and need. We constantly stress about everyone's health, safety, and success.

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Mindful Drinking 101: How to Prioritize Your Health and Still Enjoy Drinking

Mindful drinking is more than an idea. It’s a movement. A community growing larger by the day. Put simply, it’s all about thinking while drinking. Mindful drinking is not about quitting alcohol but instead being aware of how much alcohol you’re drinking and its impact on you in the moment.

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