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Sunnyside and BrewDog Team up for Dry(ish) January

Sunnyside and BrewDog Team up for Dry(ish) January

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The west coast style non-alcoholic IPA complements the Sunnyside app’s Dry(ish) January Challenge for those looking to start the new year with a more intentional mindset around drinking 

San Francisco, CA (December 14, 2023)—Sunnyside, an app and program to help people build healthier habits around drinking alcohol, today announced a limited edition non-alcoholic beer in partnership with BrewDog USA, leading global craft brewer and the world’s only carbon negative beer brand. The co-branded brew, named Bright AF, is a west coast-style Mindful IPA coming in at <.5% ABV. It will be available for preorder on BrewDog’s website starting today, for shipment in early January as many look to set new health resolutions or try the common ‘Dry January’ challenge of 31 days without drinking. On a mission to help members build healthier, more sustainable habits around alcohol without enforcing full sobriety, Sunnyside instead hosts a Dry(ish) January campaign, a month-long challenge where users set modified drinking goals with the goal of reducing their intake as opposed to cutting out alcohol entirely. The limited release launch from BrewDog and Sunnyside gives beer lovers a new alternative to enjoy great flavor without the buzz as they participate in the Dry(ish) January Challenge to start 2024.  

Inspired by Sunnyside’s unique approach to mindful drinking, BrewDog USA saw it fit to collaborate with the team and create a drink that anyone can enjoy without straying from their healthier drinking goals. The Bright AF Brew will be 20 calories and 2.3g carbs per can, an industry low for nonalcoholic beers. The collaboration beer will be for sale via BrewDog’s website and be featured as a part of the January February subscription box from BrewDog’s Non-Alcoholic Beer Club, a member-based subscription service that delivers non-alcoholic beers to your door 6x per year. New and existing Sunnyside members who sign up for the BrewDog and Sunnyside Dry(ish) January Challenge will also receive discounts on BrewDog’s Non-Alcoholic Beer Club subscription or one-time purchases made through BrewDog’s website. The January February subscription box in BrewDog’s Non-Alcoholic Beer Club will be available for purchase for new subscribers starting January 1st and begin to be shipped out to all subscribers January 10th. The Bright AF 6-packs will be available for preorder for all customers starting today for $13.99 on and begin shipping in early January.

BrewDog has partnered with numerous breweries and innovative brands since its founding in 2007, but this partnership marks the first time a craft brewing company has partnered with a wellness app such as Sunnyside. The industry-first partnership brings together thoughtful, custom curation of delicious, non-alcoholic brews with easy-to-use tracking and support services within the app to help beer drinkers enjoy without worry. This comes as the non-alcoholic beverage industry is continuing to grow, predicted to expand by 25.4% in the U.S. through 2026 and is estimated to be a $1.2B industry by 2030. A leader in the space, BrewDog’s non-alcoholic sales trend is above the national average, with its mixed pack consistently ranking as the top-selling beer variety pack in the country. 

“Having a partner like BrewDog gives our participants a way to still enjoy beer, in a more mindful way,” says Nick Allen, CEO and Co-Founder of Sunnyside. “We’ve found that 31 days completely dry can be intimidating or unrealistic for many, so we made the Dry(ish) January challenge for members to set their own personal goals for cutting back. We’re helping people build better habits around drinking, while still being able to drink and enjoy great beer. We know that users will continue to drink our Bright AF IPA long after the month is through because it keeps them sharp and it tastes delicious.” 

The 2024 Dry(ish) January challenge will be open for any active Sunnyside members, as well as new signups interested in getting started. In 2023, Sunnyside ran a Dry(ish) January Challenge for its members, giving them options to customize their own goals for an alcohol reset, without requiring an all-or-nothing approach. Post-challenge survey results indicated participants were more likely to stick to their goals and drink less when given customizable targets, and after the month was up, 92% of participants planned to maintain a lower consumption of alcohol going into February. Ultimately, having more freedom over their goal allowed people to be more successful at reducing their consumption overall and made it much more likely for these habits to persist throughout the year.

“Sunnyside’s mission of mindful drinking aligns well with BrewDog’s approach to creating great craft beer, both full strength and non-alcoholic,” says John Graham, CEO of BrewDog USA. “Brewing great beer for all is our mission and we want our customers to know that we have inclusive options, no matter what the occasion. With more and more people drinking NA’s, it’s been amazing to find partners, like Sunnyside, who have a similar outlook on something for everyone, at every time.”

BrewDog approached Sunnyside for the partnership as a way to continue to capitalize on the growing sector of adults seeking alcohol-free alternatives and to continue its mission to provide a great beer no matter the occasion or alcohol content. Additionally, as a part of its commitment, BrewDog recently announced that its sales team is the first-ever U.S. sales team to earn the AFicioNAdo™ Certification, the world’s first professional training and certification program focused on alcohol-free and non-alcoholic adult beverages, further allowing the team to be the leading expert in the AFNA (alcohol free/non alcoholic) space. Partnering with Sunnyside is another groundbreaking moment for BrewDog’s non-alcoholic growth.

Sunnyside was founded to provide an alternative to the existing all-or-nothing, sobriety-focused programs that have dominated the alcohol health space up until now. Two-thirds of the U.S. adult population drinks alcohol, and of this population, 48% report wanting to cut back. With a positive and proactive approach to building healthier drinking habits, and a variety of delicious nonalcoholic brews from BrewDog, the partnership aims to help millions avoid the negative consequences of unmanaged alcohol overuse. 

For more information on Sunnyside’s Dry(ish) January challenge, please visit 

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Sunnyside is creating a new wellness category around proactive alcohol moderation. Focused on mindful drinking rather than an all-or-nothing approach, Sunnyside’s behavioral psychology-backed system provides each user with a personalized plan catered to their lifestyle, baseline habits and individual goals. The Sunnyside experience is delivered via 2-way SMS and a 5-star app, providing a unique, low-friction approach that enables participation in the program to be simple, top of mind and user-friendly. Sunnyside members achieve tangible benefits to overall health and wellness including increased productivity, weight loss, reduced anxiety and better sleep. For more information or to get started, visit


Since 2007, BrewDog has been on a mission to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as it is. With more than 102 bars across the globe and export into 60 countries, BrewDog continues to revolutionize the craft beer industry by pushing the boundaries, investing in people, putting great beer first, and championing sustainability through action. In addition to becoming the first carbon negative brewery in the world in 2020, BrewDog is also a Positive Planet partner. This is all part of its mission to become the world’s most sustainable drinks brand, showing that business can be a force for good. For more information, visit

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