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Not drinking tonight? 12 tips to help you succeed your no-drinking day with ease.

Not drinking tonight? 12 tips to help you succeed your no-drinking day with ease.

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Last Updated on February 22, 2024

What is a No-Drinking Day? And why you should plan them.

No-drinking days – aka “dry days” – benefit you by giving your body a break from processing alcohol. The longer you go without a drink, the better for your liver, skin, and overall health. This is why Sunnyside’s algorithm adds in dry days to your plan over time. These no-drinking days aren’t mandatory and you can make your custom plan without including any, but we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the benefits. Learn more about the benefits of mindful drinking.

How to crush your No-Drinking Days!

Dry days can be difficult, especially in the beginning. The keys to a successful dry day is to plan ahead and stay busy. For many Sunnyside members, drinking is a habit they’re looking to curb or replace. Dry days cause a challenge because they interrupt a member’s normal routine and habits.

When attempting any habit change, it’s important to meet yourself where you are. We recommend going at a pace that feels comfortable, so don’t feel pressure to adhere to a dry day simply because it’s in your recommended plan; rather we encourage you to think about dry days as an opportunity to rest, reset and hydrate.

Here are 12 tips to help you enjoy a no-drinking day success!

  1. Stock your fridge. Change your drinking habits by replacing your alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic substitutes like flavored water, ginger beer or even non-alcoholic cocktails/beer/wine. Find a substitute that’s fun to drink and build a new wind-down ritual around it.
  2. Shift your focus. At the end of a long day it can be hard to decide if you want a drink or if you’re just looking for a way to unwind. If it turns out you just need to relax, skip the drink and shift your focus to other methods to decompress. Try a hot shower or a cup of tea or a brisk walk instead. Exploring other approaches give you options so you don’t feel like drinking alcohol is the only way tor relax. 
  3. Stay active. Cravings typically last 15-20 minutes and tend to come in waves. Ride them out with distractions like games, talking to friends, exercise or meditation. Researching new hobbies and interests keeps you from drinking out of boredom, which is a common trigger.
  4. Think about your goal. Remembering that you have an end goal—improving improving your health, saving some money, avoiding hangovers—can keep you focused. Thinking about your goal will make it easier to prioritize your long-term happiness over a short-term craving. 
  5. Stay positive. When faced with any challenging situation, the best attitude to have is a positive one. Positive thinking can keep you more clear-headed, making it easier to deal with challenges than if you’re hyperfocusing on your problems or negative emotions. Set yourself up for success by celebrating your small wins and keeping your eyes set on long-term goals. 
  6. Make your dry days routine. Set the same dry days each week. Over time it will become routine and not take as much effort as the pattern becomes more natural. 
  7. Focus on how good you’ll feel tomorrow. Visualize waking up tomorrow morning feeling clear headed, well-rested and free of grogginess. Use the prospect of a better day tomorrow to keep you on track tonight!
  8. Fill the times you normally start drinking. Take a minute to reflect on the times in your day when you usually start to drink. For many people, that’s right after work or while cooking dinner. Plan your alternative drinks to align with those times or perhaps call a friend to keep busy while winding down or making a meal.
  9. When the craving hits, wait it out! Set a 30-minute timer and don’t let yourself give in until it goes off. Use the time to think about what’s triggering you to want to drink so you can build awareness about your habits. When the timer goes off you may find it easier to stick to your no-drinking plan. 
  10. Out of sight, out of mind. Make it a little harder to reach for a drink by keeping your alcohol in a cabinet or drawer—somewhere that’s out of immediate sight. Avoid the trigger of seeing the beverage to keep it off your mind. 
  11. Add some extra friction. You might store your alcohol in an even harder-to-get place, like in the basement or a rarely used closet far away from the kitchen. Just that small amount of added friction can give you a moment of mindfulness and make it a little harder to give in when a craving hits.
  12. Take it one day at a time. Focus on getting through each dry day as its own mini-goal. Don’t worry about how yesterday went or what your plan is for tomorrow. Just be present in the current moment and stay attuned to today’s goal. 

We’re rooting for you to hit your goals! Read more about the benefits of dry days here

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