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Why Body Vodka is the Perfect Fit for Dry(ish) January

Why Body Vodka is the Perfect Fit for Dry(ish) January

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Last Updated on May 19, 2023

At Sunnyside we often discuss non-alcoholic beverages, but we also celebrate low-alcohol options that are becoming more widely available on the market. These less intense versions of spirits, beers, and wines provide another way to practice mindful drinking. A drink with less alcohol can aid in drinking a bit more slowly and helping you stay true to your health goals.

We’re big fans of Body Vodka for their approach to a new vodka option. As they put it, “We started with the idea that not all vodka needs to be 40% alcohol volume. So we created BODY to redefine the drinking experience. We chose to lead with taste over alcohol quantity and create the cleanest, smoothest vodka that is 25% less alcohol than the standard offerings. A product that can replace your 80 proof vodka cocktails so you can enjoy the drinks you love at a better taste and without having to pay (heavy) consequences the next day. We’re all about owning your night, not having your night own you. BODY is female-formulated, owned and operated.” 

We got in touch with Founder Jilly Hendrix to share her thoughts and tips for a successful Dry(ish) January (which we know many Sunnyside members are participating in):

Why do you think more people are opting for a Dry(ish) January versus cutting out alcohol completely? 

Drinking in conscious moderation allows us the opportunity to still engage with our social circles and enjoy our favorite cocktails while having a lighter, more mindful experience. At the end of the day, it’s all about finding the right balance. Once we do that, we’re better able to maintain those healthier habits in the long run. 

How do you think BODY fits into the mindful drinking movement? And more specifically, how does BODY help people drink less?

BODY is a low-ABV vodka with 30% alcohol – which is 25% less than standard vodka. We’re adding another option to the table. You can create the same cocktails you would normally drink but with a little less alcohol. 

Why should someone choose a low-alcohol vodka rather than the standard choice? What are some benefits?

Taste and quality. We created a spirit that leads with taste and ingredients. BODY is 10 times distilled, made from non-gmo corn and has a touch of organic agave nectar. Sometimes cocktails are made to mask the taste of the product, with a lighter spirit you can enjoy without having to add more ingredients and sugars. 

What advice would you give to someone trying to be more mindful with their drinking?

For me, mindful drinking is about listening to your body and making drinking decisions based on what is best for you at that moment. Sometimes water is the best option for you and other times it’s a martini. I try to be in touch with my drinking the same way I treat sleep, exercise and food.  

For Dry(ish) January, how are you planning on participating? (ie weekends only, full dry, custom, 50% less etc)

I am testing out a few new low-ABV cocktail recipes with my friends and connecting with mixologists and restaurants to expand their low-ABV menu options.

Visit to learn more and give Body a shot.

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