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26 Best Online Communities to Help You Drink Less Alcohol

26 Best Online Communities to Help You Drink Less Alcohol

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Last Updated on May 19, 2023

Seeking support and accountability in a community is a fantastic way to propel your mindful drinking journey forward. 

After all, these communities and support groups provide a space for individuals to build meaningful connections, exchange advice, and grow alongside people who share similar experiences, struggles, and goals. 

Do a quick search online, and you’ll find various face-to-face communities that hold physical meetings for people wishing to stop or cut back on their drinking. But at the same time, we understand that this may not be convenient, suitable, or the preferred choice for everyone. 

So, we’ve compiled a list of the best online communities for those interested in mindful drinking, sober curiosity, and building all-around healthier drinking habits

Apps and Sites for Mindful Drinking Communities 

Here are some of the top apps and sites to check out for accountability support and valuable tips and advice. 

1. The Sunnyside App 

Sunnyside is a mindful drinking app that utilizes proven behavioral-change techniques to help you explore your relationship with alcohol and form healthier drinking patterns—and all without judgment or the pressure to quit! 

The Sunnyside app gives you access to the following:

  • On-demand coaching with professional human coaches
  • Personalized weekly action plans
  • Simple tools to track your drinking
  • Daily tips, education, and motivation
  • Accountability messages
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You’ll join a community of thousands of members looking to take charge of their drinking urges and decisions. 

If you’re interested, you can get started with Sunnyside’s 3-minute quiz and 15-day free trial

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2. Hello Sunday Morning / Daybreak 

The Daybreak app tethers users to a community of people walking the same journey. 

Through their online community, you can access a wealth of information and resources created by people who have been in your shoes. You can also give back to the community by sharing your personal experience, advice, and tips through the app. 

This app is based in Australia, supported by a local tech team, and free for all Australian citizens! 

3. This Naked Mind

This Naked Mind is an online community that offers free resources and tools to those seeking freedom in their relationship with alcohol. 

Their goal is to help users achieve complete control over their drinking patterns and reduce (or stop) their drinking without feeling deprived or miserable! 

4. The Mindful Drinking Co. Online Community

The Mindful Drinking Co. is an online experience curated for the mindful drinking community. They offer educational resources, tips, and recipes on their website, blog page, social media, and newsletter. 

You can also purchase drinks from their premium range of non-alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine, and spirit replacements. 

5. Tempest 

Tempest is a membership-based community with scientifically-proven resources that help users quit or reduce their drinking. 

Tempest utilizes a combination of expert-led courses, daily affirmations, support calls, and a 24/7 online community to help users break away from problematic drinking habits. 

With their membership, you’ll be able to participate in live events, meet other people with similar goals, join discussions within the online community, read real-life recovery stories, and gain access to their massive library of lessons and videos! 

6. Moderation Management 

This non-profit organization is dedicated to reducing alcohol-associated harm. 

You’ll find a wide array of resources and tools on the Moderation Management website, as well as a list of forums and communities for online support and a professional directory of therapists and clinicians ready to help. 

7. Club Soda

The Club Soda community helps people quit or drink more mindfully through inspirational and practical content delivered via their social media pages, online courses, podcasts, and in-person events.

8. La Maison Wellness 

The La Maison Wellness mindful drinking platform is definitely a go-to resource hub if you’re searching for delicious low-alcohol or non-alcoholic cocktail recipes. 

And if you’re looking to be part of their community, you can also sign up for their virtual cocktail masterclass. 

Reddit Communities for Mindful Drinkers 

The following subreddits are devoted to Redditors looking to stop or cut back on their drinking. 

9. r/cutdowndrinking

r/cutdowndrinking is a community of over 8000 members keen on building healthier drinking habits. In this sub, Redditors share their real-life stories, experiences, failures, successes, and tips related to mindful drinking and sobriety. 

10. r/stopdrinking

With over 400,000 members, the r/stopdrinking subreddit offers a safe space for those seeking advice, tips, and encouragement to stop or control their drinking. 

Most of the experiences and stories shared here lean toward sobriety (quitting completely) rather than moderate drinking. 

11. r/sobercurious

r/sobercurious serves as an all-inclusive forum for those curious to explore their relationship with alcohol its impact on their health and wellness. 

The sober curious culture encourages sobriety but also welcomes individuals who aren’t ready or planning to stop drinking altogether. 

12. r/dryalcoholics

r/dryalcoholics is a non-judgemental support group with over 40,000 members that welcomes Redditors in any stage of their journey—whether they’re trying to quit or moderate their alcohol intake.  

Facebook Groups for Mindful Drinkers 

The following public and private Facebook groups connect members who wish to improve their relationship with alcohol. 

13. The Mindful Drinkers Facebook group

Joined by over 25,000 members (and growing quickly), the Mindful Drinkers Facebook group is a safe space for individuals to discuss topics and questions related to mindful drinking. 

This community is designed for those who wish to learn about mindfulness and wield it as a powerful tool to control their drinking urges and make better decisions—and all without the pressure to quit! 

If you’re looking to learn more about the middle-ground mindful approach (rather than going with the all-or-nothing mindset), this group is a must-join! 

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Join the Mindful Drinkers Community

14. Sober Mom Squad Facebook group

The Sober Mom Squad is publicly open to moms keen on exploring and improving their relationship with alcohol. 

15. Sober Mummy Facebook group

The Sober Mummy Facebook group is a public group with over 20,000 followers. They actively post inspirational and educational content that covers the ins and outs of sobriety, mindful drinking, and the health repercussions of excessive drinking. 

16. Club Soda Facebook group

Club Soda Together is a private Facebook group with over 17,000 members that help and support each other by sharing their personal experiences with mindful drinking. 

17. Sober Curious Facebook group

The Sober Curious Facebook group is another private community with over 8,000 members. 

If you’ve begun to question your relationship with alcohol or identify as someone who’s sober curious, be sure to check this group out! 

TikTok and Instagram Communities 

TikTok and Instagram are great spaces to explore if you wish to learn about mindful drinking through content that combines humor, relatability, entertainment, and the latest trends. 

The following are hashtags you can follow to discover content creators, communities, discussions, reels, and posts covering the topic of mindful drinking. 

18. #mindfuldrinking

For tips about how to drink mindfully, or simply to get content on the benefits of this movement, follow this hashtag to provide recommendations to your feed that support you on your journey with alcohol.

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19. #drinkmindfully

This is another similar hashtag to follow that shares content about the benefits of drinking mindfully, without any pressure to go sober.

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20. #sobercurious

If you’re interested in exploring the sober curious movement and figuring out if it’s the right option for you, follow this hashtag. Other similar hashtags are: #sobercuriousmovement and #sobercuriousdiary.

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21. #damplifestyle

Another option within the same vein is the #damplifestyle that provides insights on alternative ways of living that still include drinking, but at a much lower frequency and volume. 

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Podcasts About Mindful Drinking

22. Alcohol Minimalist

Alcohol Minimalist is a podcast dedicated to education about moderation and reducing alcohol intake. It’s hosted by Molly Watts and features great advice and tips about limiting alcohol consumption, and features guests who speak about mindful drinking and sober curiosity. 

23. Champagne Problems

Champagne Problems is hosted by Robbie Shaw, Patrick Balsley and Sam Hampson. They are all mental health and wellness professionals who talk about alcohol and alcohol culture, and how they might influence and affect our well-being and overall health. 

24. Hello Someday

The Hello Someday Podcast supports women who are sober curious or looking to cut back their drinking and become more mindful. It shares tips and strategies for reducing your alcohol consumption and is hosted by Casey McGuire Davidson. There are plenty of interesting guests on the show that are relatable and share personal stories.

Sunnyside’s Communities 

25. Sunnyside’s Social Accounts

Tune in to Sunnyside’s TikTok and Instagram accounts to receive regular updates, tips, tricks, and guides on mindful drinking and sober curiosity. For longer form videos, check out the YouTube channel as well. 

We’ll cover a broad range of topics, from psychological tricks to manage your drinking to delicious non-alcoholic cocktail recipes and practical tips on managing “hangxiety.”

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Follow Sunnyside on TikTok

26. Sunnyside’s in-app Community 

Within the Sunnyside iOS app, you can access the Community Tab to engage in daily reflections and communicate with other members. Learn more about the community here

The Sunnyside app also provides accountability and support as you work toward your mindful drinking goals. Whether you’re looking for advice from real-life coaches, personalized weekly plans, a handy drink-tracking tool, or daily accountability messages—Sunnyside is your all-in-one resource and support hub to kickstart your mindful drinking journey. 

Sign up for our 15-day free trial today

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