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Alcohol Consumption is Up, But So is Interest in Mindful Drinking

We recently partnered with Ipsos to survey U.S. adults about their drinking habits and plans. Our objective with Sunnyside's first-ever State of Drinking in the US report is to shed light on evolving American drinking trends and to also understand how the growing mindful drinking movement might influence these trends.

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Sunnyside + Ipsos Release Nationwide Survey, “The State of Drinking in the US”

The State of Drinking In The US, a joint survey conducted by mindful drinking program Sunnyside (formerly Cutback Coach) and global market research firm Ipsos, finds that half of Americans claimed to have made an effort to drink less over the last three months, but only 20% reported an actual reduction in alcohol intake. In fact, 1 in 4 Americans report drinking more now than they were three months ago.

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Brands We Love: Drink Monday

Mondays, right? We get it, we’ve all been there through hard-partying weekends and feeling a little dull when we wake up on Monday morning. Here at Sunnyside we are committed to helping our members get more out of life, and that means starting your mornings off in the brightest way possible.

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The Connection Between Alcohol and Weight Loss

Maybe you’ve noticed your favorite pair of jeans is starting to feel a little snug. Or maybe you stepped on the scale for the first time in a while and were surprised by the number you saw. Or maybe you’ve been dealing with some health issues or your life has shifted in such a way that your daily eating and exercising habits have changed too. For many people this shift has coincided with the ongoing pandemic, which has led to more sedentary habits or an increase in both stress eating and drinking.

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Getting Through An Airport While Drinking Mindfully

I’m sprawled out in a lounge at LAX. It’s an hour before boarding, and I’m eager for summer vacation to start. I have my passport, a rolling carry-on bag, a sweater for when I inevitably get cold. Only one thing is missing. A pre-flight gin and tonic.

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Brands We Love: Jukes Cordialities

Here at Sunnyside we enjoy an occasional beer, wine or cocktail, and we also love experimenting with exciting alternatives to traditional alcohol. We're adding avant-garde products to our bar that embody our mission for mindful drinking.

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Tips for Drinking Mindfully While Traveling

It was tsikoudia (also known as raki), a fiery apéritif popular in Crete, where I was spending a couple weeks of my vacation. On an island legendary for hospitality, alcohol seemed to play an essential role. Nearly every meal ended with that carafe of tsikoudia. Occasionally I was given rakomelo, a special raki mixed with honey and cinnamon. Plus all of my hotel rooms had bottles of local wine waiting, begging me to uncork them.

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Alcohol and Anxiety: Breaking the Link

People have long used alcohol as a way to cope after a stressful day – whether the source of that stress is work, parenting woes or the anticipation of a big life change. A decanter and a couple glasses often are pulled out when giving or receiving bad news. And while some people may grab a tub of ice cream from the freezer after a breakup, many others reach for a bottle to use as a balm for their heartbreak.

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How To Turn Down Drinks As An Introvert

I’m good at many things. Declining drinks is not one of them. A drink is the first thing I’ve always reached for in social situations, the necessary lubricant to make me feel more comfortable. If I enter a party and someone stops me to chat, I quickly extract myself and say, “I’m just going to go grab a drink. I’ll be right back.”

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The Connection Between Alcohol and Sleep

Health and wellness is dependent on a good night’s sleep just as much as exercising and eating healthy foods. But people who struggle to reach their health and wellness goals sometimes overlook a key culprit: their nightly drink (or drinks).

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Do You Know Your Alcohol Number?

You’ve heard the phrase, but what’s at the heart of mindful drinking? Essentially it’s about paying attention and understanding the reasons you’re drinking. Becoming more mindful means we’re tuned in to our bodies and minds, making drinking decisions that align with our long-term goals. Sounds good, right?

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How Our Family Histories Helped Shape Sunnyside with Molly Watts

Nick and I (founders of Sunnyside) recently had the opportunity to join Molly Watts on her fast-growing podcast Breaking the Bottle Legacy. During the podcast Nick and I go in-depth talking about how our own families were impacted by alcohol and how that has provided inspiration and a unique perspective that has helped bring Sunnyside to life.

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