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How Cheers–a post-drink pill–is improving my mindful drinking habits

In this article I explore Cheers, a product that complements my own mindful drinking journey perfectly. After talking to their founder, working with their team, and trying the product for myself, I can say I genuinely love these guys and gals. Their mission aligns perfectly with ours and their product perfectly complements Sunnyside for the Mindful Drinker.

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Brands We Love: Probiotic Mocktails from Ferm Fatale

We're always on the lookout for unique non-alcoholic alternatives. While there are plenty that sort of end up like a sugary soda, every now and then we stumble upon brands like Ferm Fatale that are doing something truly unique. Ferm Fatale creates "probiotic mocktails" that are "non-alcoholic social beverages filled with bacteria, yeast, enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants that support a healthy digestive system."

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Alcohol And Sleep Quality

The association between alcohol and sleep is confusing to many. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, meaning it slows down all of the functions of your brain ranging from thinking to breathing and other automatic functions.

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4 Common Drinking Triggers and How CBD Can Help

If you're looking to cut back on drinking or simply build healthier drinking habits, it's important to understand your triggers — that is, why and when you are tempted to drink or to overindulge. Drinking triggers can be in internal (emotional) and external (situational), but learning how to manage them can help you manage your alcohol use. In addition, there is mounting research that CBD — aka cannabidiol — can be a useful tool for practicing mindful drinking. 

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Cutback Coach is Now Sunnyside — Here’s Why

What a year it’s been! We’re so thankful you’re on the mindful drinking journey with us. As 2021 winds down and we look ahead to the new year, we’re feeling more optimistic than ever about our mission to help anyone who drinks get the most out of life — by being more mindful about their alcohol consumption. It’s hard to believe this was our first full year since launching in October of 2020. We’re just getting started!

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10 Healthy Habits and Goals for 2022

Every time we hang up a new calendar on the wall, we look ahead at a year filled with hope and possibilities. If you’re seeking to establish some new healthy habits or you’re setting some wellness-minded 2022 goals, here are ideas for small changes you can make that promise a big collective impact.

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6 New Year’s Resolution Ideas (Plus Tools to Help You Achieve Your 2022 Goals)

Looking to set some self-improvement goals for 2022? “To drink less” is always one of the top New Year’s resolution ideas. Other perennially popular resolutions include losing weight, reducing stress, saving money, exercising regularly and getting better sleep. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of each of these worthy objectives, along with some health apps that will help you make even the most ambitious New Year’s resolution idea a reality in January and beyond.

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Dry January: What’s All the Buzz About?

If you haven’t participated in Dry January, you likely know someone who has or soon will. What is Dry January? It’s a simple concept: No alcohol for one whole month. In many ways it’s a nice respite from the frequently boozy holidays, and a way to jump-start your New Year health and wellness goals. It’s also gaining in popularity.

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Drinking Mindfully During the Holidays

Drinking mindfully requires intention and determination, but it can be particularly difficult to stay fully focused on meeting your drinking-related goals during the holidays. Studies indicate that many Americans increase their alcohol intake during the hectic stretch between late November and New Year’s Day. Simply put, the holidays can present a unique set of issues to people who are trying to cut back because of the central role alcohol plays in so many of our traditions and celebrations.

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Sober October: A Chance to Practice Mindful Drinking Any Way You Like

Because Sunnyside was created during the pandemic and we’re truly a global, remote company, we haven’t had the chance to socialize in person after a long day at work. But based on the fun we have in our virtual happy hours, it’s fairly easy to assume that almost everyone here enjoys drinking alcohol to some degree. This is an important distinction about who we are at Sunnyside. We enjoy alcohol occasionally, but even more importantly, we enjoy balance, clear mornings, and exploring non-alcoholic alternatives for the evening wind-down.

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Brands We Love: Better Rhodes

It may be pretty obvious by now, but here at Sunnyside we love new companies and products that align with our mission to be healthier and drink better. However, it’s no small feat to find drinks that are just as enjoyable as the wines, beers and cocktails that we all know and love. Trying alternative products may feel daunting at first, or even downright inaccessible. Many of us have asked the question, “so, what do I drink now?

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Brands We Love: Leilo

The alternative beverage world is teeming with products that replicate the experience of drinking alcohol with flavors and unique ingredients, and deleting the hangover. A new and totally unique member of this growing movement is Leilo, which uses kava, a root found in Fiji, to produce a relaxing effect. At the end of the day when a glass of wine or a cocktail is calling, Leilo offers another option to help you unwind.

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