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The Ultimate 4th of July Mindful Drinking Guide

The Ultimate 4th of July Mindful Drinking Guide

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Last Updated on May 19, 2023

Did you know that the Fourth of July (aka Independence Day in the United States) is one of the heaviest drinking holidays of the year? According to the NBWA, it’s a milestone for beer distributors who deliver double the beer of a typical week, and it’s a common holiday for increased binge drinking.

As a mindful drinker yourself, this likely doesn’t surprise you. 

Celebratory events and holidays that happen with warm weather and good friends are a recipe for a great time, but also a chance to practice putting your health first so you can enjoy yourself, but still feel great the next week.

As a reminder, at Sunnyside we don’t condone drinking, but we also don’t preach sobriety. We’re all about finding the balance that works for you personally. This 4th of July weekend we’ll personally be enjoying some drinks ourselves, but we’ll be planning and tracking our alcohol consumption using the Sunnyside app to ensure we’re as mindful as possible.

Benefits of drinking mindfully during the 4th of July weekend

There’s no two ways around it: if you’re going to drink this weekend, drinking mindfully will help you get the most out of your weekend. Here’s some benefits that you’ll get to experience this 4th of July weekend.

  1. You’ll enjoy yourself more – When you choose to drink mindfully, you choose to drink slowly, drink lots of water, and make sure you’re going to feel great the next morning. In doing so, you’ll no doubt end up enjoying yourself more. You’ll have stronger connections with the friends and family you spend time with, and you’ll have more energy to enjoy the celebrations late into the day.
  2. You’ll be ready for work on Tuesday – Although it’s easy to forget about work and responsibilities when we’re having fun on holiday weekends, it’s important to take a moment to remember how you want to feel on Tuesday when work starts up again. When you drink mindfully and prioritize your wellbeing, it means you’ll decrease any negative effects of alcohol such as tiredness and anxiety.
  3. You’ll actually get to rest during the holiday – Holiday weekends are meant for rest and relaxation as much as they are meant to let loose. When you drink mindfully you’ll get a chance to 

Tips to prepare for the 4th of July weekend:

  1. Set a plan – The most impactful and proactive thing you can do to ensure you have a mindful and fun weekend is to plan out how much alcohol you’re going to drink. The goal is to really hone in on how YOU want to feel and what would be a good goal for you, not anyone else. Ideally, since we’re all about mindful drinking, you’ll be setting a plan that challenges you a bit and leans more heavily toward feeling rested.

    Need some help setting a plan for the 4th of July weekend? That’s exactly what Sunnyside is for. Get your free 15-day trial now.
  2. Commit to healthy activities – Go for a hike, schedule an early morning coffee date, or plan on doing yoga every morning this weekend. By setting positive intentions with health activities ahead of time, you’ll be more likely to keep your healthy mindset going strong throughout the whole weekend.
  3. Have a buddy – Tell a friend what your plan is for the weekend, both in terms of how much you’re planning to drink and the healthy activities you’re planning. Your friend can help hold you accountable and encourage you to stick to your plan.
  4. Be mindful of your liver health – Give yourself a refresher on the effects of alcohol with our guide we created to help you maintain a healthy liver.

Tips to stay mindful when the celebrations begin:

  1. Try some non-alcoholic or low-alcoholic cocktail options – This is one of the easiest ways to drink mindfully once the celebration begins. One of our favorite tips is to simply make every other drink a non-alcoholic drink. There are endless options these days that you can even find at your corner store. Don’t be surprised if this year you see multiple non-alcoholic beers and wines pop up at your barbeque. Read our full guide on low-alcohol and non-alcoholic cocktail recipes here.
  2. Opt for lower calorie drink options – Drinking mindfully is also about limiting the negative effects of extra calories and sugar. Check out our Periodic Table of Calories in Alcohol to learn about the ABV, carbs, and calorie content of 119 different alcoholic drinks. We’ve also put together 18 Low-Calorie Alcohol Drinks for you to browse through.
  3. Track your drinks – By tracking your drinks as you have them, you’ll give yourself a moment to pause and reflect on your day so far. Do you really want another drink, or would it better to wait and have some water first.

    Sunnyside is designed to help you track your drinks with nothing but a text message. Claim your 15-day free trial now to check it out.

Tips to feel your best after the holiday weekend:

  1. Get lots of sleep – Do your best to ensure you have your last drink 1-2 hours before you go to bed. This gives you a chance to eat, drink plenty of water, and let your body process some of the alcohol before you call it a night. In addition, try to get a full eight hours of sleep so you improve your odds of feeling great the next day.
  2. Try a supplement to support liver health – We’ve tried and love Cheers, a series of products that help you feel better the next day after you drink. If you’re interested, they’re offering a 20% discount with code SUNNYSIDEJULY.
  3. Start the month off right with Sunnyside – There’s no doubt that long holiday weekends are good fun, but the start of July can also be a perfect time for you check in with your own drinking habits and commit to making a change.

    With Sunnyside you get tools to help you plan, track, and analyze your drinking habits so you can make whatever change you want to see. And we never pressure you to quit. We simply help you define your goals and hit them over time.

    Sign up for a 15-day free trial here to get started.

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Happy Fourth of July

Practicing mindful drinking this holiday weekend doesn’t have to mean cutting out alcohol entirely. It’s all about thinking while drinking, and prioritizing your health and wellbeing over all else. By doing so your time with family and friends will be more meaningful and you’ll wake up feeling your best every morning.

Enjoy and be safe!

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