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Drink Tracking Apps: An Easy and Effective Way to Drink Mindfully

Drink Tracking Apps: An Easy and Effective Way to Drink Mindfully


Last Updated on October 4, 2023

We use apps daily to better our lives. We track our calories, steps, heart rate and sleep with apps. We meditate with apps. We navigate with apps. We share snippets of our day on apps. We try new apps because they seem potentially useful; we stick with the best ones because they work. We track so many things today using technology – so why not use a drink tracking app such as Sunnyside?

What is a drink tracking app?

A drink tracking app provides a way for anyone who drinks alcohol to better understand and predict the impact of alcohol – whether positive or negative – on their overall health and well-being. The app provides a convenient way to input data like your starting point, weekly/monthly goals, and the actual drinks that you consume. That data is used to provide analytics so you can understand the impact that drinking has on many important areas of your life, like energy, sleep, diet, and anxiety level, leaving you with the tools you need to make more informed decisions.

How do drink tracking apps work?

As an example, Sunnyside is a drink tracking app and personalized service that helps you to set goals to cut back your drinking by creating a customized plan that fits your lifestyle and unique objectives. The app works by helping you plan your drinking, track your drink intake, and generally be more mindful so that you can get the most out of each and every day. 

Sunnyside provides daily reminders of your target number of drinks. Motivation is there whenever you need it via text message. You can interact with the app by replying with an emoji that you’re feeling good and on track – or when you need a little extra behavioral psychology-backed coaching assistance. And as you track your drinks throughout the week, you’ll get real-time, judgement-free private feedback.

Sunnyside also provides a weekly report that shows you how much progress you’ve made, including how many improved nights of sleep you’ve added, how many calories you’ve cut, and how much money you’ve saved. It’s an easy, but powerful way to understand the effect that alcohol has every time you drink so you can make smarter, healthier decisions.

What features should you look for in a drink tracking app?


A drink tracking app should start with an easy and intuitive tracking feature so you can confidently and accurately log every drink you have. Tracking a drink should be simple and fast, not cumbersome and distracting. 


Your drink tracking app should be transparent with how it uses your data so you can rest assured that your information will never be shared or sold. In order for a drink tracking app to truly work, you need to feel comfortable that you can be 100% honest when logging your drinks.

Drink planning

A drink tracking app should also have a planning component, allowing you to reflect on your goals for the upcoming week or month, and plan accordingly. Just like we plan our workouts, meals, or financial objectives, your drink tracking app should allow you to easily develop a clear game plan for success.


The data that you put into your drink tracking app should help you to build a rich set of data that enables you to determine the impact that alcohol has on your overall health and wellness. Ideally, the drink-track app should also be designed to provide a historical record of the number of drinks you’ve had over time so you can visualize trends.


The best drink tracking apps, like Sunnyside, provide additional resources to help you learn about mindfulness, build better habits, effectively cope with cravings, and gain an additional source of support. Look for a rich set of resources to complement your drink tracking experience.


Why try a drink tracking app?

Studies have shown that nearly half of adults who drink want to cut back, but not quit entirely. Again, just as you track your food intake or the number of steps you take when working to lose weight, drink tracking apps help you proactively set goals and then track how you’re progressing. From avoiding hangovers (and regrets) to getting better sleep and enjoying more energy and focus, there can be many advantages to reducing how much you drink. And momentum can build quickly.

For example, 83 percent of Sunnyside members track their drinking five-plus days a week. On average, our app users are reducing their drinks by 30 percent in just the first 30 days, while also trimming 2,500 calories a month. But that’s not all. Sunnyside members are also saving $50 a month, on average. 

What makes Sunnyside the best drink tracking app?

Sunnyside is a unique drink tracking app that uses text-messaging (SMS) to deliver the core experience. This makes it extremely easy to start, but also powerful and effective when it comes to helping people meet their goals around drinking, whether that’s to cut back, better plan and track, or simply practice more mindfulness. Here are some additional benefits of using Sunnyside:

You’ll understand the impact of your drinking

From the moment you sign up with Sunnyside, we’ll help you understand the impact that alcohol can have on your health so you’re more informed about the decisions you’re making. This gives you the knowledge that you need to make choices that help you reach your goals over time.

You’ll have non-judgmental coaching available

Sunnyside goes beyond the average drink tracking app by giving you the option to talk to a real human at any time via the coaching service. Just send us a text, and our Coach will provide you with support, motivation, tips to stick to your plan, or strategies for de-stressing at the end of the day.

You’ll create accountability for yourself

By putting you in control of your weekly plan creation, Sunnyside gives you the unique opportunity to focus on your upcoming week and plan ahead based on what you want to achieve. While we do make recommendations, it’s up to you to lock in and commit to your plan, creating accountability to both yourself and Sunnyside.

You’ll gain motivation to reach your goals

Sunnyside is filled with motivation through the whole experience. We focus on positive outcomes, getting the most out of life, and helping you hit your short and long-term goals, all without any judgement.

You’ll be able to project the long-term impact of wins

At Sunnyside, tracking drinks is all about small wins that build upon each other, whether that’s reducing one drink a week or prioritizing a healthy activity each morning. It’s these small victories that meaningfully add up  to big results over time.

What are Sunnyside users saying?

As mentioned above, there are a range of rewards that can come from practicing more mindful drinking. Following are some real reviews from Sunnyside members, which has an “excellent” rating on TrustPilot.

  • “I’ve tried to reduce or stop my drinking several times and have tried several different measures and Sunnyside is the first thing I’ve tried that I have been able to stick with. There’s no shame tactics. And when I don’t reach my goals I always feel encouraged. It’s easy to use and impossible to forget about without being intrusive.”
  • “I’m so grateful I found Cutback Coach. It’s been the most positive thing I have ever done to address my drinking. It has helped me be honest about how much I am really drinking, and accountable for the decisions I make. The most useful thing about Sunnyside is it builds the habit of planning whether or not I am going to drink each day, and how much, in advance.”
  • “I have tried to cut back my drinking so many times to no avail. Now, I feel like I have a friend on my side; just a text away to keep me on track and mindful of how much I’m consuming every day. I have cut my alcohol consumption by half and my drinking days by 3/4!”
  • Sunnyside has made a big difference in my drinking habits. Cutting out the last drink or two at the end of the night has helped me wake up with more energy and prioritize physical fitness and healthier eating.”
  • “I was needing someone to help hold me accountable, but was too embarrassed to ask a friend or family member. Sunnyside has been the safe friend to hold my hand and push me to reach my own goals.

Drink tracking apps are not designed to take anything away from your lifestyle; in fact, they can add a layer of support and accountability that enable you to gain greater health, happiness and sense of control. 

Interested in trying our drink tracking app? Sign up for a 15-day free trial of Sunnyside now.

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