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Brands We Love: Drink Monday

By Danielle Maddi
Posted: September 13, 2021

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Mondays, right? We get it, we’ve all been there through hard-partying weekends and feeling a little dull when we wake up on Monday morning. Here at Sunnyside we are committed to helping our members get more out of life, and that means starting your mornings off in the brightest way possible.

It also means partnering with amazing brands that think the way we do to create a movement of self-care, staying sharp, and living a life of balance. Getting the most out of life means you don’t have to choose between good health, great taste, and joyful experiences. Enter, Drink Monday. Crafted with natural ingredients at a distillery in Southern California, Drink Monday’s non-alcoholic spirits are a labor of love – a way of helping mindful drinkers (like us!) enjoy a proper adult beverage without worrying about how you’ll feel tomorrow. 

Here is what Chris Boyd, founder of Drink Monday, told us about his mission for a mindful life. 

What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink to make with Monday's Spirits?

Great question! I'm a big fan of the OG right now, our signature drink with Monday Gin. It's super simple to make - take 2 oz of Monday Gin to your favorite short glass over ice. Half fill your glass with soda water then top up with a nice crisp indian tonic (Fever Tree ftw). Finish it off with a squeeze of fresh lime and you're all set.

What is your most essential item in your bar?

Though perhaps not the sexiest item at any home bar, I find myself reaching the most for my trusty jigger (a traditional measuring cup to measure pours). I experiment with cocktails quite a bit and once I've found a winner, my jigger is key to repeating the feat and sharing my new found recipe with friends.

What is your favorite way to practice mindfulness?

For me, I find that mindfulness is one of those elusive things you can't focus on directly in order to achieve it ("OK, I'm going to be mindful right now, here I go!" - if this works for you, I'm extremely jealous!). The best way I've found to occasionally get to this good place is through booking some quiet time into my calendar. I'll try my best to have these moments be peaceful where nothing is expected of me so I can be present and check-in with myself. A bit of focus within can sometimes go a long way. 

Tell us your morning routine.

I'm typically up around 7 and head straight for our household's favorite appliance (espresso maker) and get going on morning breakfast (two dogs and one fiance to feed). After a short commute (a set of stairs to my office loft) to work, I'll start-in on the happenings of Monday at 8. From there, it's typically an entrepreneurial blur working till lunchtime mid-day (save a couple much needed mindfulness breaks from time to time).

What do you love most about what you do?

I love that the start-up I've helped build is contributing good to the world. We're part of this movement filled with beautiful, brave people refusing to give in to the status-quo and curbing their alcohol intake -- serving this community some proper adult beverages that look and taste the part so we can fit-in at social events, celebrate special occasions, and get the complex flavor we want from our drinks -- is so incredibly rewarding.

Learn more

Visit to learn more about Drink Monday’s line up of zero carbs, no sugar, zero alcohol spirits.

We don’t make money from our partnership with Drink Monday. They’re a brand that we honestly love and want to connect our members and fans with ❤️.

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Danielle Maddi

Partnerships and Marketing Manager at Sunnyside

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