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Brands We Love: Better Rhodes

By Danielle Maddi
Posted: September 29, 2021

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It may be pretty obvious by now, but here at Sunnyside we love new companies and products that align with our mission to be healthier and drink better. However, it’s no small feat to find drinks that are just as enjoyable as the wines, beers and cocktails that we all know and love. Trying alternative products may feel daunting at first, or even downright inaccessible. Many of us have asked the question, “so, what do I drink now?”

Our co-founder Nick began asking himself this very question when he first set out creating the mission of Sunnyside and pledged to drink more mindfully. Nick truly loves a good IPA. And, like any good founder, he loves experimenting and trying new things. In the past few years, non-alcoholic beverages, especially beer, have exploded on the scene. True to form, Nick wanted to try the best beers that he could get his hands on, and as you can imagine, this endeavor led to some pretty hefty bills and a lot of extra cans in the house. Since our mission at Sunnyside is built around mindfulness and intentionality—including saving money and practicing sustainability—Nick started looking for a way he could get his favorite non-alcoholic drinks at a price and quantity that made sense for his level of consumption. 

Clearly he wasn't alone because Chris Becker, founder of Better Rhodes, had already honed in on the desire for curated non-alcoholic options while saving costs and reducing waste. Chris created Better Rhodes out of his own desire to experiment with non-alcoholic options in all categories of his favorite drinks. Better Rhodes carries options for non-alcoholic spirits, wines, bubbly, seltzers, pre-mixed cocktails, mixers, and functional drinks (think ones with a bit of caffeine and adaptogens). Pretty much any alcoholic drink you may think of replacing, Chris and the Better Rhodes team thought of it, too. 

At this point in your mindful drinking journey, if you’re just starting out with non-alcoholic options you may not be sure what you like.  One of the things we truly love most about Better Rhodes is they have carefully curated boxes with a variety of products so that folks can try experimenting on their own. If you typically like red wine, Better Rhodes has a box with several red wine options. Same goes for pretty much any beverage category you’re into. Do we need to tell you that Nick’s monthly subscription box has about 6 different cans of his new favorite non-alcoholic beers? Well, here’s the proof just in case:

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Sunnyside's Mindful Drinking Starter Box

Here’s some more exciting news. We are teaming up with Better Rhodes this fall to create a seasonal box with some of our favorite brands we think you’ll love. Think of this as a starter pack for drinking mindfully. We’ve put together a collection of beer, wine, and a cocktail that we personally love and we think will help you get started on finding out what suits your own taste. This box is available to anyone and everyone that wants one, not just for Sunnyside members. That said, wouldn’t it be fun to add one of these mocktails to your plan on a dry day since it won’t count as a drink?

Our Mindful Drinking Starter Box will be available on for a limited time this season, but there are always plenty of amazing options to choose from on their site. We’re sure you are going to make some amazing discoveries to add to your bar or fridge just like we have. 

Learn more

Visit to discover non-alcoholic options, recipes, and inspiration for your mindful drinking journey. 

We don’t make money from our partnership with Better Rhodes. They’re a brand that we honestly love and want to connect our members and fans with ❤️.

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Danielle Maddi

Partnerships and Marketing Manager at Sunnyside

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