Quick Tips: How to Get Alcohol Out of Your System Fast

get rid of alcohol from your system fast

Whether it’s for health reasons, a work commitment, or just the desire to avoid a hangover, finding ways to expedite alcohol metabolism is a common quest. Before we dive into the how-tos, let’s get a quick peek at how our bodies deal with alcohol.

Quick Tips: Why Does My Stomach Hurt After Drinking Alcohol

stomach pain drinking

Ever wondered why a fun night out can sometimes end with a not-so-fun stomach ache?  You’re not alone. Many of us have experienced that uncomfortable, gnawing pain after indulging in a night of heavy alcohol consumption.  But why does this happen, and more importantly, what can we do about it? Let’s dive in and explore […]

Quick Tips: How to Cure Sore Throat After Drinking Alcohol

sore throat alcohol

We’ve all been there: after a night of revelry and toasting to the good times, we wake up to the harsh reality of a pounding headache, a subtle feeling of dryness and thirst, and a painfully sore throat. It’s a discomfort that prompts the question: “Why does my throat hurt after drinking, and how can I fix it?” 

The Heart-Healthy Benefits of Being a Moderate Drinker

Does a glass of red wine a day really make you healthier? What about white wine, beer, or a cocktail? What if it’s 6 or 7 glasses over the weekend instead of one a day – does that matter?

With so many studies on “moderate drinking” and heart health, it’s hard to know exactly how much, how often, and what type is best for you.

Gray Area Drinking: How to Drink Within Your Limits 

gray area drinker

Gray area drinking refers to alcohol consumption that falls between excessive drinking and every-now-and-then drinking.

If you’re a gray area drinker, you might not notice any serious warning signs about your drinking habits. You don’t wake up with a splitting headache each day. Nor has your drinking landed you into trouble with the law or your employers.

Keep Your Kidneys in Shape With These Mindful Drinking Tips

Ever stopped to wonder how your kidneys are doing? Unless you’ve felt a strange pain in your stomach or watched your ankles swell up — probably not. Read on to find out how alcohol affects them and what to do to keep them healthy, without sacrificing your social life or workday wind-down.

Drinking Excessively? Here’s How to Gain Control Over Binge Drinking.

One of the most common alcohol-related problems that affect people of all ages is binge drinking. Binge drinking is defined as drinking “a harmful amount of alcohol in one session of drinking.” What constitutes a harmful amount varies based on gender and the type and size of the drink.