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Drink Mindfully on Thanksgiving and Enjoy These New Sunnyside Features

By Ian Andersen
Posted: November 25, 2020

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This post is adapted from a message we sent to our members ahead of Thanksgiving 2020.

Have a healthy holiday!

Today we’re thankful to you for being part of our amazing community!

We hope the holidays bring you a break from what we can all agree has been a stressful 2020. Whether you’re able to spend time with your family, or staying cozy inside, you deserve to do something nice for yourself, maybe even have a toast! To help stay as healthy as possible, be sure to set a realistic drink target for yourself this week and try your best to stick to it.

And don’t forget, we’re always a text away. If you need anything at all, just send us a message and we’ll do our best to respond quickly and offer the support you may need. Otherwise, we’ll send our regular tracking and planning check-ins.

What’s new in Sunnyside

We’re excited to show our thanks by officially announcing some new features we’ve been working on that make Sunnyside easier and more powerful to use:

Update your targets

You can now update your targets by texting the word UPDATE. Whether you need to adjust for a particular day or for the full week, you now have a seamless way to do it.

Pause messages

If you need a break from messages, you can now text the word PAUSE to snooze notifications until the end of the week. We’ll check in the following Sunday to get you reactivated for the upcoming week.

Access a quick menu

You can now access common tasks by texting the word MENU. Update your plan, correct a previous day, refer a friend, pause notifications… and more to come! Try it now!

How to use these new features
Sunnyside is all text-message based, so to activate these features, text the command word to the Sunnyside number in your phone... UPDATEPAUSE, or MENU. Try it now!

We hope you find the new features helpful. Have a wonderful week and a happy Thanksgiving! As always, just text if you need anything, or send an email to hello@sunnyside.co

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Ian Andersen

Co-Founder of Sunnyside

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